Are you constantly in search for the answers to perfect health, energy, weight and contentment? 

Would it thrill you to learn your unique bio-individuality? 

As your health coach I will help guide, teach and support you using the most current, quality-driven, and effective holistic nutrition information.  No gimmicks, calorie counting, food restrictions or fad diets that potentially lead to health disasters. Together we will step away from the standard American diet and take a new approach to improving your health by learning how the connection between food, relationships, activity level, career, spirituality and happiness affect’s our overall health. 

Having a health coach during your transition is very beneficial to your success. Most people in your personal, social and business life will feel threatened by your choice to embark on this new journey for improved health.  This is not because what you are doing is wrong but because they know they are not living a healthy life and are still stuck in a state of fear and unwillingness to change. Once you form these new habits you have the opportunity to become a positive effect and catalyst in the lives of the ones you love.  “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”- Gandhi 

If you are ready to go on an enjoyable physical and mental fitness journey and enter a colorful world of culinary arts then schedule a free initial consultation with me today!